Monthly Archives: August 2016

The coolest weather map you’ll see today

So I have this weird obsession with weather.  I think it stems from the fact that humans can take in all the data we slurp up into databases yet we still can’t figure out if it’s going to rain tomorrow reliably.  Don’t get me wrong, I know we’re better now than before and getting even better, but it seems to me like eventually we should be able to model everything and figure out exactly what is going to happen.  Everywhere.

Regardless, I came across this wind/water temp/wave/everything map with awesome layers to play with and turn on/off.  I was fascinated.

Hard drive prices

How is it that WD Red 4TB drives are still so expensive?  I simply don’t understand it?

I mean, I remember reading about floods back in 2011 that caused a shortage and drove up prices, but I bought a 4TB drive almost a year ago for cheaper than the current price.

The market is what it is, I guess.

For the record, we’re dropping the WD’s into a Synology DS216 for a customer.  Synology prices have become very affordable as time has gone on…

OK, I admit: the galaxy note 7 looks sweet

I stick with Apple because I’m married and don’t get to make decisions like what phone I use.  My wife insists that I have the same one as her so she knows how to use mine, etc.  It’s probably not a good excuse but I pick my battles.

That said, holy crap the note 7 is nice.


I don’t remember what having full freedom of choice is like, so I look at things like this like I look at cars I know I’ll never have.  There’s no realistic chance of ownership for me, so it’s all just admiration from afar.

edit: So apparently they have this extra feature where they, you know, explode.  Not the greatest.

smart locks a little scary

I know quite a few people with smart locks. You know, the deadbolts you can open and close with your phone, etc. Well it appears they can be hacked.

Not all of them, of course, but enough that it should be concerning to anyone operating a smart home.  Hopefully anyone venturing into smart home territory is already aware of the fact that this can weaken your security posture and should be made up for via other means (cameras, security system, armed guard with an AK, whatever).


Apple Purchases Forthcoming

So late Q3 and Q4 Apple product launches approach. Those include rumored iPhone, Apple Watch, and Macbook Pro refreshes. My wallet is screwed. Per multiple sources, we should see an iPhone 7, Retina Macbook Pro, and a new Apple Watch.

That does mean likely price drops on current models…

So… to buy at the price drop or buy the new? I’ll probably spring for the new.