Monthly Archives: September 2016

I’ve done nothing

So the Emmy’s were on last night.  Shouldn’t that be “Emmies”?  I digress already.


I didn’t watch.  I swiped through the the recap on twitter this morning per my normal routine.  I noticed something that made me both happy and sad at the same time.

Someone I went to high school with won an Emmy last night.  I was in multiple classes with this guy.  I doing an AP Physics project with him and we spent weeks working on it together.  He was smart as hell (still is, I’m sure).

As I scrolled through and saw the news I was excited and happy for him.  Then I realized what he had accomplished in life.  This guy is winning Emmy’s and stuff and I’m… you know… not.  I mean, I’m not a complete failure or anything, but I’m not exactly on that level.

Regardless, I have a small reason to feel just a little inadequate today.

Apple Releases new stuff

So the internet is ablaze with talks of the new Apple stuff that was just announcedSome people are excitedOthers are making fun of Apple for saying they were “courageous” for taking away the headphone jack.  I think there will probably be a slew of poorly made third party splitters that allow charging and headphone jack or aux cable usage simultaneously.  They will undoubtedly make the phone popup with the familiar “this accessory will make your phone explode and you are a terrible person for using it” message.

On the other hand, the new Apple Watch has GPS and is waterproof… so I guess we have that going for us…